'Extra Time' podcast. In conversation with Dr Melanie Lee



02 Sep 2020


Dr Melanie Lee & Dr Adam M Hill

Adam talks to Dr Melanie Lee, Chief Executive of British life science medical research charity, LifeArc.

Melanie talks about her journey and how she made the leap from academia to industry, the people that inspired her along her journey and what change she has seen over the years in attitudes towards the early detection of disease. Melanie shares her views on what the diagnostics industry could be doing to support the NHS in managing the backlog of disease as a result of the pandemic. She also talks about what projects she is most excited about at LifeArc, and what we can expect to see more of over the next 12 months.

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I think diagnostic tests can cover so many bases, and all of them in the end point to better patient outcomes, better patient experience, more rapid treatment, better matching of the treatment with the actual problem that the patient has, better matching the treatment with the patient's own physiology and biology, so I think the diagnostics industry really must work very closely with the NHS, but also with the therapeutics companies, too.

Dr Melanie Lee