A simple, affordable blood
test for the early detection of
lung cancer


EarlyCDT® Lung is an extensively validated test for the levels of seven autoantibodies to tumour-associated antigens. It can detect all types of lung cancer at all stages of disease (I-IV) with high accuracy.


Pulmonary Nodule Risk Assessment

EarlyCDT—Lung positive results may reclassify clinicians’ assessment of cancer risk in pulmonary nodules with new independent data to enable earlier intervention with a low rate of harm.

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Lung Cancer Screening

 can be used to detect lung cancer early, in high-risk patients. An ongoing NHS clinical trial has demonstrated a stage shift of 55% to early-stage disease.

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Extensively Studied and Validated

  • Over 25 peer-reviewed clinical publications
  • More than 60 peer-reviewed oral and poster presentations at key conferences
  • Clinically validated in seven independent cohorts and more than 120,000 patient samples, generating 12 million data points
  • Clinically audited in 1600 patients
  • Optimised for use in indeterminate pulmonary nodules
  • Meets all the American Thoracic Society criteria for clinical utility for biomarker test use to risk stratify pulmonary nodules
  • Over 155,000 commercial tests run in the U.S.
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How EarlyCDT—Lung works

EarlyCDT—Lung measures blood levels of a panel of seven autoantibodies to tumour-associated antigens that are linked to lung cancer.  

The seven autoantibodies have been shown to be elevated for all types of lung cancer, and from the earliest stage of the disease.1,2 Unlike the tumour antigens themselves, the autoantibody levels can be measured easily and accurately, based upon the signal magnification created by the body’s immune response to cancer.  

EarlyCDT—Lung can detect lung cancer as many as 4 years or more before clinical diagnosis via standard care pathways.3,4

The test runs on a simple enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) platform, which is widely available in hospital laboratories around the world.



1. Lam S, et al. EarlyCDT—Lung: an immunobiomarker test as an aid to early detection of lung cancer. Cancer Prev Res 2011; 4(7); 1126–34.
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Billing and Ordering the Test outside the US

EarlyCDT—Lung is available on a self-pay basis outside the US. The cost of the test is low relative to many other tests, particularly because it is not a genetic predisposition test.

Patients with private insurance need to confirm coverage with their insurance provider. For information on the self-pay price for the test, please contact your test provider.

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The EarlyCDT—Lung is available to order in numerous countries worldwide. Contact one of our distributors in your geographic region or contact Oncimmune if your region is not yet listed.

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Billing and Ordering the Test in the US

EarlyCDT-Lung testing is now provided through our partner Biodesix. Please contact Biodesix for all enquiries related to Billing, Ordering and Financial Assistance:

Email: custcare@biodesix.com
Call Biodesix Customer Care: (866) 432-5930

EarlyCDT—Lung Test Kit

The EarlyCDT—Lung Kit is affordable and easy to use. Professional laboratories can run the test on standard ELISA 96-well Microplate instruments.

The test is CE marked and meets the strict EU standards of manufacturing and quality control, as outlined in the In Vitro Diagnostics Medical Devices Directive 98/79/EC.

The EarlyCDT—Lung Kit is available worldwide outside of the US, subject to local regulations, and is distributed in numerous countries. Contact one of our distributors in your geographic region or contact Oncimmune if your region is not yet listed.

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