A simple, affordable blood test for the early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma


EarlyCDT—Liver is a simple blood test to aid in the detection and confirmation of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), in association with imaging, in high-risk patients with liver lesions of all sizes.

  • EarlyCDT—Liver is complementary to imaging for the diagnosis of HCC. The very high specificity of the test makes it a clinically useful “confirmation” test.
  • EarlyCDT—Liver detects HCC at all stages, with similar performance across all stages.1
  • Its high specificity for early-stage HCC (BCLC 0-B) can accelerate treatment and deliver improved patient outcomes.
  • The test complements all imaging modalities, providing confirmatory data.
  • For nodules assessed by ultrasound alone, a High positive EarlyCDT—Liver test result increases the risk of HCC by three to six times, depending on initial risk.

1. Macdonald I et al. Development and validation of an ELISA test detecting a panel of autoantibodies in combination with AFP for early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma.

EarlyCDT—Liver test for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

  • Second test developed by Oncimmune, after EarlyCDT—Lung
  • Complements current imaging detection methods and the diagnostic test alpha fetoprotein (AFP) used in Asia
  • High specificity of 97%
  • Highly cost-effective screening tool
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How EarlyCDT—Liver works

  • EarlyCDT—Liver measures a panel of seven autoantibodies, as well as alpha fetoprotein (AFP), to detect the presence of HCC.
  • Results are reported as High, Moderate or No Significant Level of Biomarkers detected.
  • Only High and Moderate results are clinically actionable. The test rules-in, and does not rule-out, for HCC in liver lesions.

Make EarlyCDT—Liver part of your workup of liver lesion malignancy risk assessment, and to detect cancers in surveillance more quickly.


EarlyCDT—Liver requires a clinician order

You can order the test through your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for delivery to your lab, which can send samples to one of our national reference lab partners.

If you do not normally take blood, our sample collection kit contains everything you need. EarlyCDT—Liver requires only a tiny sample of blood (0.4 mL). With our quick and convenient finger stick collection kit, your patient can provide a blood sample in your office. We take care of the billing.

Get the EarlyCDT—Liver collection kit directly from Oncimmune. Contact us at 1-888-583-9030 to ask any questions about ordering.

Oncimmune works with all insurance carriers in the US

We are a Medicare provider and provide billing support for patients being tested for the assessment of malignancy risk of indeterminate liver nodules identified by imaging.

If Oncimmune is in the payor’s network, the cost of the test to the patient will be limited to co-pays, and deductibles.

If insurance coverage is denied, patients should contact us. Oncimmune actively engages with all insurance companies to minimise the cost to each patient.

The Oncimmune’s Financial Assistance Plan enables patients to be tested even if they are denied insurance coverage.

Oncimmune's Financial Assistance Plan

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