Our Technology

Autoantibody Profiling

ImmunoINSIGHTSTM - SeroTag™ Discovery Technology

Oncimmune’s proprietary biomarker discovery engine, which is leveraged in our ImmunoINSIGHTSTM services to discover and validate novel biomarkers that can help stratify patients in multiple cancer indications and with different autoimmune diseases.

This high-throughput, multiplex technology is based on one of the largest, in-house protein libraries, as well as a unique, ever-growing repository of disease data for indications including, but not limited to, autoimmune diseases and cancer. As a result, SeroTag is helping to address and monitor a number of challenges currently hindering the successful development and broader application of both cancer immunotherapies and treatments for autoimmune diseases.

The platform is being applied to discover and validate biomarkers and develop precision diagnostic tools from minimally-invasive liquid biopsies. SeroTag analyses autoantibodies—some of the most stable analytes—and is used most frequently for the identification of IgG isoforms, in addition to IgM and IgA, from just a few drops of serum.

The SeroTag platform acts as the primary discovery engine that feeds into the creation of Oncimmune’s NavigAID disease-specific stratification panels—precision medicine tools which are enabling patient and disease stratification and support therapeutic development.

ImmunoINSIGHTSTM - NavigAID™ Disease-Specific Arrays & Panels

Our NavigAID arrays are thoroughly validated containing well defined antigen panels, largely encompassing markers of interest for each of the disease types being investigated.

Our portfolio includes out-of-the-box NavigAID arrays for immuno-oncology and autoimmune disease.

These validated panels are frequently used with partners as a jumping off point to the research, we then collaborate with our partners to add further markers of interest to their specific therapy and its specific indication.

Analysis, multi-omics and machine learning capabilities.

ImmunoINSIGHTS leverages Oncimmune’s well established bioinformatics and multi-omics data analysis platforms to support large-scale data mining of assay and patient outcomes data to transform our results into valuable, actionable insights that support you in your development programme.

Oncimmune's computational capabilities, including our ability to leverage true machine-learning techniques, paired with our translational and medical expertise differentiate our ImmunoINSIGHTS offering so that the data generated may be interpellated to real insights.