Autoimmune disease

Autoantibody profiling

Our intimate understanding of the immune system as a mediator of disease is leveraged expertly through ImmunoINSIGHTS, in support of autoimmune therapy development. A disease space well known for its heterogenicity and increasing global burden.

ImmunoINSIGHTS addresses critical unmet diagnostic needs in the autoimmune space by providing tools for characterisation and profiling of the immune system to drive:

  • early diagnosis and subgrouping of patients;
  • predicting response to therapy;
  • disease activity monitoring and prediction of flare-ups.

ImmunoINSIGHTS is leveraged by leading therapy developers across the autoimmune disease spectrum including in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), Sjörgen’s syndrome, systemic sclerosis (SSc) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Oncimmune has a wealth of autoimmune disease expertise and has generated significant evidence of the utility of our ImmunoINSIGHTS platform in the space.

Autoantibodies are an under-utilised, antigen-specific signal of autoimmunity with proven clinical significance.

Interaction between T cells, B cells and innate immune cells is likely to be the rule rather than the exception in autoimmune disease pathogenesis[1].

Our ImmunoINSIGHTS are being leveraged with partners to improve autoimmune disease management and outcomes by providing multi-marker, multi-modality assays and algorithms for detection and characterisation of immune activity and analysing the combination of well-established and novel markers of disease and treatment response.

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  1. XDawn E. Smilek, Mario R. Ehlers, Gerald T. Nepom. Restoring the balance: immunotherapeutic combinations for autoimmune disease. 2014 Disease Models & Mechanisms