ImmunoINSIGHTS is Oncimmune’s autoantibody profiling technology and service offering; deployed in partnerships with therapy developers to generate, actionable, value-adding insights for their drug development programmes.

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ImmunoINSIGHTS is underpinned by Oncimmune’s proprietary immunogenic protein library, one of the largest in the world, allowing for more than 95% of human antigens to be profiled in patients receiving or about to receive treatment.

Used to stratify patients into clinically relevant sub-groups, ImmunoINSIGHTS can be utilised to:

  • Predict response to treatment and immune-related adverse events (irAEs)[1];
  • Identify novel target molecules;
  • Detect treatment-specific immune excitation (e.g. “heating of cold tumours”)[2],[3];
  • Predict off-target effects.

Oncimmune pioneered and is leading the use of autoantibodies raised in response to antigens as one of the earliest, measurable signals of disease. Autoantibodies are: specific and reflective of disease state, indicators of the activation of both the B and T cell sides of the adaptive immune system, soluble and detectable in low volumes of blood, and raised at the earliest stages of disease. The autoantibody biomarker class is increasingly being recognised as a powerful tool and critical biological mediator including in cancer, infectious and autoimmune disease.

With a partnership led approach, Oncimmune is evolving and leveraging its technology with global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, early-stage startups, leading academic groups, and non-profits.

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I'm immensely proud to be working for a company that is leading the way in understanding how the immune system reacts to disease by generating invaluable patient-specific insights from the measurement and characterisation of the autoantibody response.

Mike Fisher, Vice President, Head of Business Development