Autoantibody Profiling

Autoantibody Profiling with ImmunoINSIGHTS™

Oncimmune is a pioneer and leader in the use of autoantibodies as one of the earliest, measurable signals of disease.

ImmunoINSIGHTSTM is Oncimmune’s autoantibody profiling service to the life science industry in the fields of immuno-oncology, autoimmune disease and infectious diseases. This is underpinned by our proprietary, immunogenic protein library of almost 9,000 antigens, one of the largest in the world, covering more than 95% of known human antigens. Our platform enables high-throughput profiling of autoantibodies in patients receiving or about to receive treatment.

Oncimmune’s core biomarker technology and expertise in the immune system enables life-science organisations to understand the immune response to therapy, leading to more effective, and safer treatments for patients.

The ImmunoINSIGHTSTM applications:

  • Stratify patients into clinically relevant sub-groups
  • Predict response to treatment and immune-related adverse events (irAEs)1
  • Characterise the disease state and define the disease
  • Understand the immune response to disease (e.g. COVID-19)
  • Identify novel target molecules
  • Detect treatment-specific immune excitation (e.g. Heating of cold tumours)2,3
  • Predict off-target effects and non-specific binding of therapeutics

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