Webinar: The utility of autoantibodies in immuno-oncology

Past event


10 September 2020

Novel biomarkers of immunotherapy outcomes and immune-related adverse events.

There is significant interest in the role that the B cell response plays in cancer patients’ anti-tumour response. The autoantibody biomarker class is increasingly being recognised as a powerful tool and critical biological mediator of the cancer-immunity interplay. Autoantibodies targeting tumour and self-antigens may serve as biomarkers of anti-tumour response and auto-immunity. As these biomarkers can be measured in patient sera, they hold great potential as routine clinical biomarkers in immuno-oncology.

This webinar explores the role of autoantibodies in predicting survival and immune related adverse events (irAE) in patients receiving cancer immunotherapy.


We found a diverse and broad autoantibody response to tumour and autoimmune disease antigens in these pre-treatment samples. Some of the autoantibodies that were linked with immune-related adverse events, were linked with a clinical outcome as well.

Professor Jessica Hassel

On her pioneering research presented at ASCO 2020