Oncimmune is working to revolutionise both the detection of cancer and its treatment by harnessing the sophisticated disease detecting capabilities of the immune system to find cancer in its early stages.

Oncimmune is a pioneer, a leader and an expert in early cancer detection and improved cancer outcomes. Our range of diagnostic tests assist clinicians to identify the presence of cancer on average four years before standard clinical diagnosis, whilst our technology platform and sample biobanks are helping healthcare companies to develop new cancer treatments.

Patented EarlyCDT®
autoantibody technology

Oncimmune’s patented platform technology, EarlyCDT®, has been developed to detect multiple solid tumour types. EarlyCDT® Lung measures blood levels of a panel of seven autoantibodies to tumour-associated antigens that are linked to lung cancer. The seven autoantibodies have been shown to be elevated for all types of lung cancer and from the earliest stage of the disease.

Unlike the tumour antigens themselves, the levels of autoantibodies can be high even in the presence of an early stage tumour, due to the signal magnification created by the body’s immune response to a cancer. These autoantibodies can be measured easily on a simple enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) platform, which is widely available in clinical laboratories around the world.

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