Oncimmune is a pioneer, a leader
and an expert in early cancer
detection and improved cancer outcomes.

Since 2002, Oncimmune has pioneered technologies that enable early cancer detection. The company’s proprietary technology platform, EarlyCDT® is extensively validated for all types of lung cancer and for hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer). Oncimmune is helping to lead the advancement of early cancer detection across a range of solid tumour types.

Patented EarlyCDT®
autoantibody technology

Oncimmune‘s patented platform technology, EarlyCDT®, has been developed to detect multiple solid tumour types, making a universal test for these cancers theoretically possible. Currently, two products are available: EarlyCDT®—Lung and EarlyCDT®—Liver and more are in development.


Our autoantibody assay is optimised to help clinicians assess lung cancer probability in intermediate-risk lung nodules, with high accuracy. It is also being investigated as a screening test by the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland, UK.


Our autoantibody assay can detect liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma) at all stages with similar performance for early- and late-stage disease

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Our Research & Development Partners

NHS - Scotland
Cleveland Clinic
University of Nottingham
GE Healthcare
National Jewish Health