New Lung health package at Lifescan

January 9, 2015

EarlyCDT-Lung has been widely available in the US for a number of years and is now available in the UK through a number of different providers. This month we would like to look at Lifescan and explore what they have to offer in helping assess your lung health.

Lifescan (http://www.lifescanuk.org/) have provided specialist health checks to over 70,000 people in the UK as part of Spire Healthcare which is a leading provider of healthcare with 39 hospitals throughout the UK. Lifescan aim to check for the early signs of heart disease, lung cancer, colon cancer and other serious illnesses before any symptoms are experienced.

EarlyCDT-Lung is available as part of Lifescan’s ‘Lung Check’ package.  This package is available to people over the age of 45 and uses 2 different types of diagnostic method (x-ray and CT scan). The choice of test is dependent upon certain factors such as age and risk profile.

If patients have a Moderate or High EarlyCDT-Lung test result, they will be offered a follow up CT scan, free of charge.

A lung function and lung age test is also provided for everyone having a Lung Check as it helps to establish how well your lungs are currently working.  It simply involves breathing long and hard into a special device, which will monitor how well your lungs are functioning and estimates how ‘old’ your lungs are compared to your actual age.

EarlyCDT-Lung is also available in the UK through many different providers.

EarlyCDT®-Lung is a simple blood test which is ordered by your Doctor to aid in the risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer.

EarlyCDT-Lung has been developed so that individuals at moderate and high risk of lung cancer can benefit from increasing the chances of lung cancer can being detected at the earliest possible stages, when treatment can be most successful.


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