EarlyCDT-Lung is being trialled by the NHS in the UK to establish its potential to select suitable patients for CT screening and diagnose lung cancer earlier

It is the world’s largest randomized clinical trial for the early detection of lung cancer using biomarkers in the blood

  • The trial is to establish if using EarlyCDT®Lung to identify those at high risk of lung cancer, followed by CT scanning, reduces the incidence of patients with late-stage lung cancer (III & IV) or unclassified presentation (U) at diagnosis, compared to standard practice in the UK
  • EarlyCDT-Lung positive High Level or Moderate Level test results are used to triage high-risk patients for serial CT scanning
  • The comparator (control arm) in the study is the current UK standard clinical practice of waiting for the development of symptoms of lung cancer and investigating symptoms according to national guidelines
  • The trial commenced in 2013, was fully recruited in July 2016 with 12,210 patients, and will report in 2019
  • Interim findings from the trial show that EarlyCDT-Lung has detected lung cancers at an earlier stage than in normal clinical practice. 75% of lung cancers in the study to date (n =16) were stage I & II. In standard UK clinical practice only 20% of lung cancers are diagnosed at this early stage, and 80% are diagnosed at stage III & IV


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