Patients can draw their own blood sample for the EarlyCDT-Lung test using our finger stick kit.

  • EarlyCDT-Lung requires only a tiny sample of blood (0.4 mL)
  • Each collection kit contains everything the patient needs to draw the blood sample safely

The collection kit also includes everything needed for a regular phlebotomy blood draw.

  • The physician and patient can decide together on the most suitable method to draw the sample

Our sample collection kit also includes:

  • the Test Requisition Form to order the test
  • A patient brochure
  • Instructions for taking the sample by finger stick or regular phlebotomy draw
  • Prepaid FEDEX envelope to send sample
  • Samples are shipped overnight inside the US at ambient temperature
  • Outside the USA, samples must be shipped through our distributors

Specimens are shipped overnight inside the US at ambient temperature.

Outside the US, contact our distributors.


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