Autoantibody profiling

Viewing cancer through the immune lens (immuno-oncology) has led to the most promising advancements in cancer treatment in recent history, nonetheless the full potential of the approach is as yet unrealised.

ImmunoINSIGHTS is being deployed with leading oncology drug developers to support their programmes throughout the development lifecycle to generate safe, efficient and widely adopted therapies.

We use our autoantibody signature technology and expertise in immuno-oncology to, among other things:

  • Predict event-free survival and severe immune-related adverse events to treatment;
  • Identify novel target molecules;
  • Detect treatment-specific immune excitation (“heating cold tumours”);
  • Predict off-target effects

Oncology trials that utilise biomarkers for patient stratification are more likely to move to the next phase of development – and are 6.7 times more likely to progress to approval overall.[1]

Autoantibodies are a critical piece of the cancer-immunity cycle, the marker class is increasingly being recognised as a key tool towards understanding the body’s response and interactions with cancer. Autoantibodies are:

  • Tumour-specific and reflective of disease state;
  • indicators of the activation of both the B and T cell sides of the adaptive immune system;
  • soluble and detectable in low volumes of blood;
  • raised in the earliest stages of cancer.

The ImmunoINSIGHTS platform is tried and tested and is being leveraged in support of a wide range of cancer-types and therapy classes, including: immunotherapies, precision therapies, oncolytic virus therapies and cancer vaccines.

Connect with our team to discuss how our technology can support your oncology drug development programme.

  1. Wong C.H., Siah K.W., Lo A.W. Estimation of clinical trial success rates and related parameters. 2019. Biostatistics. 273-86 (20)

Oncimmune's support of clinical trials and drug development is tailored to each of our partners, their programmes and their assets. Our technology and approach are unique, high-touch and bolster our partners’ efforts towards success.

Petra Budde, Head of Medical Research

Oncimmune Germany GmbH