Presentation at the Shares & AJ Bell investor evening

Past event


08 July 2020

CEO, Dr Adam M Hill will share progress on the Company's three year strategy.

Oncimmune is a leading, revenue generating, global immunodiagnostics company delivering on its strategy by driving future success through a focused offering across three core growth drivers:

  • ImmunoINSIGHTS leverages Oncimmune’s technology platform and methodologies across multiple diseases, to offer life-science organisations actionable insights for therapies across the development and product lifecycle. Immune-profiling technology is underpinned by Oncimmune’s library of over eight thousand immunogenic proteins, one of the largest of its kind. This helps identify trial participants and patients into clinically relevant subgroups, enabling development of targeted and more effective treatments.
  • EarlyCDT is Oncimmune’s immuno-diagnostic product portfolio, which detects the elevated presence of autoantibodies generated by the body’s immune system as a natural defence against cancer cells. EarlyCDT Lung has achieved the highest level of evidence for a blood test in cancer detection, and includes two approved products: EarlyCDTLung and EarlyCDT Liver.
  • A strong and differentiated pipeline of new development opportunities that harness the immune system to diagnose and combat a range of different cancers and autoimmune diseases. Technology protected by an extensive patent portfolio of over 200 patents granted and pending in 47 territories.

For the first time in my 20 year career, I’m seeing health systems knock on the door of companies such as us and ask for help. That is certainly happening on a frequent basis for Oncimmune.

Dr Adam M Hill