EarlyCDT®Lung and Autoantibody Technology.

Early in the development of a solid tumour, the body mounts an immune response to certain by-products or proteins from cancer cells (these proteins are known as tumour antigens). As the presence of these proteins become more marked or intense, different types of protein known as autoantibodies (immuno-biomarkers) are produced by the human body in response to the cancer cells. These autoantibodies are directed against the tumour antigens and are produced in sufficient quantities that they can be measured in an individual’s blood using a simple blood test.

An individual’s blood sample is then processed and a procedure known as an assay is carried out which measures the autoantibodies or in the sample.

This technology has made the detection of a cancer possible up to four years earlier than current diagnostic tests such as a chest x-ray or spiral CT (Computed Tomography)1.

Oncimmune has completed extensive studies of more than 120,000 samples since 2007 to validate and prove the assay technology and develop it into a reliable laboratory test. Since then over 150,000 commercial tests have also been run in the US laboratory.

Oncimmune has been able to produce proteins (tumour antigens) in the laboratory which match the cancer proteins causing the body to generate the cancer specific autoantibodies. This concept can be applied for use in the early detection of any solid tumour cancer.

1. Zhong L, Coe SP, Stromberg AJ, et al.: Profiling tumor-associated antibodies for early detection of non-small cell lung cancer. J Thor Oncol 1:513–519, 2006.


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